Bathory by Kristína Chudíková


For her heartless cruelty the Countess of Čachtice Castle became known as ‘The Blood Countess’. Even the slightest mistake made by one of her chambermaids was met with the most painful punishment. Once blood splashed on the countess’s arm; suddenly she thought that she had discovered the secret of eternal youth.

According to the legend, she bathed in the blood of 300 virgins.

hand blown glass
100 x 100 x 400 mm
1 piece



After completing her bachelor studies, Kristina is studying design at Industrial Design University of Applied Arts Vienna (prof. Hartmut Esslinger). She has gained valuable experience while working and studying in Italy (Politecnico di Milano, H-Farm Ventures – Shado Tv start up company, ColorDesigners Milano) and USA (Rollingsquare productions). Recently she has spent her summer as an intern at Karim Rashid Inc., New York.