The Black Lady of Kežmarok by Michala Lipková


The key guardian of Kežmarok Castle was always dressed in black. She was supposed to guard treasures of the castle, but she was searching for them instead. While the master was away, she discovered a treasure trove behind a painting and little by little carried it away.

When the master discovered this, he cursed her with the words: “May you never find peace.” According to the legend, even today one can still hear her footsteps in the castle.

hand blown glass
190 x 190 x 140 mm
1 piece



Michala is Bratislava-based designer, researcher and project coordinator. Michala studied product design in Slovakia and Denmark. Beside her freelance design work and ongoing postgraduate studies, since 2010 she has been working at the Institute of Design at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.

Michala has been involved in Flowers for Slovakia project from the very beginning. In 2012, together with Lars Kemper and Peter Olah, the core team has formed a civil association, in order to follow up with the second collection Lost & Found in more established way.