Broken by Soňa Otiepková


The scutcher is a tool for separating the woody parts of the stems of flax and hemp from fibres. Women prepared material for further processing by alternate punching by a blade into the slot and by pulling the stems together towards themselves. The scutchers were used from the end of the 18th century.

The origin of bipedal scutcher, which forms a part of the table, can be determined by the Čierny Balog region. Part of the story of flax processing symbolically continues today. The solid top table material is continuously changing into a soft fibres of yarn, which does not respect the natural shades of the colour spectrum anymore, but it plays all the colours of our digital world.



Soňa Otiepková has graduated in product design at FA STU in Bratislava. She has studied “smart design” at the Nottingham Trent University in UK, interned at Škoda Design and worked as a GUI and web designer. Her diploma project works with folk inspiration – and this was as well one of her motivations to apply: “SITTO chair was inspired by Slovak hand craft. I have developed new principal based on our traditional techniques – I believe that this approach has huge potential”.