Everybody at home by Dana Tomečková


The bench first stepped out of the wall. Originally it was in fact a part of then wall as clay steps or protrusions around the walls of the house, on which people sat and slept. And later it served as storage space. Gradually it got a back, on which rich artistic decoration of folk symbolism was concentrated.

The original object comes from the municipality Malacky, where father of a family Lajoš carved it in the late of the 19th century. It was designed to sit at the table. Five generations used to sit, meet and get older here. It was always crowded. Today, it grew place for followers of the family tradition. They sit there all along, even though they are not visible.



Danka has interesting background – currently a jewelry design student in the S+M+L_XL studio at the AFAD in Bratislava, she has a degree in mass-media communication and advertising from UKF in Nitra. Keen photographer and networker, Danka has participated in many workshops in Slovakia and abroad, studied at the University of Copenhagen and Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy.

In motivation letter, she mentioned that she “Loves to see things from different perspective” and considers working with our cultural roots important for her creative development. Her works are characteristic by strong conceptual approach and balance on the boundary between art and design.