Evolution by Matej Dubiš


During the day the whole family met on it and children used to sleep here at night. The Bench Evolution comes from the former Slovak region Hont, where it was produced by local joiners more than 80 years ago. It is exceptional for its folding hand-carved backrest, which was additionally imbedded to the added joint.

Thus its evolution began over time, which followed the daily rhythm of one family. The story continues today as well. The playfulness and functional experiments are provoked by a new – originally table paravan by designer Antonio Citterrio. How far will you unleash your imagination – will you see a crib, a playpen, or family sitting with a common footstool?



Matej is studying product design at the FA STU in Bratislava. He has interned at Škoda Design, Beijing PER Industrial Design and Plastic Omnium and recently he has spent a semester at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Matej’s motivation to join Flowers for Slovakia was to gain “the craft experience of working closely with the material”.