Fragments by Miro Král


Wooden chairs with their carved back rests were along with benches and tables the basic furniture of Slovak folk rooms – sitting rooms. This type of chair was inspired by dining chairs from the period of late Renaissance and Baroque. Centrally located heart belonged to the most frequent symbols of carved ornaments.

The objects from the series Fragments follow the original function of the sitting. Four folk chairs merged with minimalist office furniture components, and it depends only on your decision whether you want to sit on the history of each of them or lean on it.



Having background in furniture design, Miro Král is studying stage and costume design at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Beside his long list of stage design and film realizations, he has been co-organizing many cultural projects, e.g. Kreatívne ráno, Istropolitana projekt 2012, Midl_space gallery or Menju.