Funny Runny by Mária Pospíšilová


The stool is a type of handheld seating furniture without backrest designed to seat one person. It is usually lower than a chair. As the oldest version can be considered a stool made ​​of half sawn up tree trunk, using its branches as legs. Later, the joiners adopted the construction of round or rectangular seat and embedded pole feet.

The stools in Slovakia were produced manually therefore none of the little shanks was uneven. Even many a time they ran away in different directions. The proof is the object Funny Runny Utekáčik and we only can guess whether it is getting up on itsfeet, or it is struggling with the Earth’s gravity on the road from the pub.



Mária Pospíšilová was one of those who argued that “Things they teach us at school are not enough”. “Maryš” graduated in product design at the Technical University in Košice. Nowadays she is a PhD. student at FA STU in Bratislava, and main focus of her research is furniture design as a source of emotions and desire. And why she applied for Flowers? “By accepting challenges, I am trying my limits!”.