Gipsy Chair by Zuzana Šišovská


Weaving of laces on a plate was familiar to all Slavic peoples. In regions of Horná Nitra, Banská Bystrica and in eastern Slovakia they were produced by the Roma women, therefore here is exerted also the name Gypsy laces. They are formed of the two systems of threads – warp and weft. They were sewn on the corners of blankets, they were used for tethering apron or pants, they decorated ceremonial folk clothes.

Almost forgotten technique has found its significance and aesthetic value in the object Gypsy Chair. Brilliant string of the seat mess up the traditional the scale of the miniature laces and opens possibilities for new functionality.



Zuzana is a unique textile designer in our team. Zuzana graduated in textile design at the AFAD in Bratislava. She studied at Hochschule Pforzheim and interned at UniversalDruck Chemnitz in Germany. You may have seen her solo exhibition SIT, LAY, PLAY in ÚĽUV Gallery & DesignShop in 2012. Zuzka has received many awards, she has worked as an external designer for Festival Áčko, and nowadays she works in the field of exhibition and interior design.