Hangover by Šimon Kern


The twister is a tool used to winding of manually twisted yarn into skeins. It is typical mostly for the area south of Slovakia. The length of the skein depended on the size of the twister and, because of that the dimensions of the twister were officially established and approved in the past.

The used object Twister comes from Orava, where it was made in 1944 by a local craftsman. Cross construction originally guaranteed correct winding of the hemp yarns, its current redesign designated a new, higher position in the ranking of textile production. Today instead of material layered we place finished clothes onto a wister / hanger.



Šimon Kern studied furniture design at the Technical university in Zvolen, with exchanges in Spain and Slovenia. Being a keen traveler and former active dancer in Slovak folk ensemble, he applied for Flowers For Slovakia to share his experience and interest in traditional Slovak culture with wide audience through this unique exhibition project.