Home Office by Vlasta Kubušová


Churn is a tool designed to make butter. In Slovakia was particularly widespread vertical standing type, whose basis was formed by a a cone-shaped wooden pot. By the use of the vertical motion of the central plunger the fresh cream was muddied into solid butter. After the post-war period the technology of churning gradually ceased to exist.

The original part of the object Housework comes from surroundings of Detva and the estimated age of this artefact is of more than 60 years. Assemblage of old and new components paraphrases the original atmosphere of the working environment.



Vlasta has simultaneously studied product design at FA STU and the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Recently she has graduated in film art production. During her studies she spent a year at the Goldsmiths University of London, worked as a producer at Divadlo Lab, produced student films, and co-founded two NGOs – Mlady pes and Midl_space.

Nowadays she works as a dramaturge of Kreatívne ráno, producer of language school Jazykuchyňa and Early Melons festival.