Jory by Nikoleta Čeligová


The joinery belonged to the six most numerous crafts in Slovakia. The oldest carpenter guild was established here in the mid-15th century, but only in the 19th century the craft spread from the towns to the countryside. Work benches called goats were then already an integral part of the joiner manufacturing.

The Armchair Jory by its unique skeleton figuratively restores this ancient and contemporary tool back to town man, who has substituted the workshop for an office and handwork for comfortable sitting at his computer. However, sometimes even to him manages to save moment and he likes lighting shine to the memories of the old good times.



Nikoleta, originally from Nitra, first studied in the studio of Ferdinand Chrenka at the AFAD in Bratislava – now continuing at the AAAD in Prague (Ivan Dlabač). Nika likes experimenting with folk inspirations in contemporary context.