McTatra by Martin Žabka


Bowl – vahan served for food preparation, carrying flour, shaping the dough or as a container for food since time out of mind. Chairs exerted paradoxically in folk dwellings rather late – only late in the 20s of the 20th century they are a common inventory of traditional dwellings.

Combining of more than 80-year-old Vahan coming from the Podpoľanie region and slightly younger chairs tableware set titled McTatra originated. Family dining is now reduced to a quick dinner in pairs or even alone. The object reflects the contrast of our over-busy reality, to rituals of worship of the self-grown food.



Martin, originally from Kremnica, has studied furniture design at the Technical University in Zvolen. “Žabo” has experience from studies and workshops in Belgium, Finland and Czech rep., he has exhibited both in Slovakia and abroad as Germany, Poland and Hungary. Recently you might have seen his lamps at the Stockholm Design Week’13.

Martin’s designs focus on working with materials with respect to environment. He wanted to join our team because he believes that “creating products with added values, beyond necessary function, is an important starting point for our sustainable consumption”.