Nest by Natália Hoosová


People believed that patterns of birds and dragons will protect the child from evil spirits. Nearly 100 years ago the cradle used to be an object of succession of several generations, after the World War 1 this household almost disappeared.

The Cradle Nest comes originally from Zvolenská Slatina, where it was produced in 1883 by the local craftsmen. The current form follows the traditional symbolism – a little bird and red colour of textile liners are therefore not random. Moreover, these attributes are now more than current. Child and his/her comfort have become the subject of a profitable market that in sophisticated way handles the current “caring” parents.



After attending VŠVU / AFAD in Bratislava, Natália Hoosová is currently studying at the Hochschule Pforzheim in Germany. You may know her “Obludöö” sitting bag design produced by Tuli. “I consider this project as a very good opportunity for self-fulfillment and my skill improvement, ” she says: “The effort to preserve our cultural traditions and looking-up for inspiration in our history is very close to my work”.