Spinning Light by Petra Huraiová


The Spinning wheel was used in the past for hand spinning of fibre of flax and wool, work with him formed the main content of everyday activities of women during the winter months. This instrument used to be assigned the symbolic victory of light over the darkness.

Rack lamp Solstice personifies the dynamics of circle and never-ending movement. Its certain explanation has also the chosen colour of the yarn wound, which corresponds to the colour gamut of white light. The light is even physically present in the object in the form of LED diode being positioned in the middle of the distaff planted at the highest point of the spinning wheel.



Petra is much more than just as product design student at DESIGN STUBA in Bratislava. You may see her being a face of advertising campaign or dancing in ballet ensemble Divertida – of course just in case that she is not producing jewellery or dance costumes, working as a freelance photographer or contributing to Czech design portal as a writer.