Stitchy by Mária Bujňáková


The stool belongs to the oldest form of seating. Its origin is lost in a long time. The first traces of it lead to Byzantium where in the 10 century AD, it got with war expeditions throughout Europe. At first the stool was used by ordinary people at small hand work in the house, when milking, or just for a rest by the stew.

The area under the seat fitted with a drawer was often used as postponement of small craft tools. Work set Šidlo follows the original function of the stool. Family Heritage rigged in a new habit travels from rural to urban interior, where it serves as mobile a helper of the present landlady.



Mária is studying product design at the Technical university in Košice (studio of doc. Ing. Tibor Uhrín, ArtD.), she has spent a year at Politechnika Koszalinska in Poland and at Oslo National Academy of  the Arts (KHiO). In her designs, she is always trying to achieve clean forms, interesting details with hint of humour.