Trough Chairs by Terézia Rapčanová


Trough is a wooden kitchenware made ​​from a single piece of tree trunk. Most often it was used for washing, picking fruit and vegetables or home butchering. In Slovakia, there was a development of trough making with the arrival of Roma trough makers of Transcarpathian Ukraine and Romania in 80s of the 19 century.

The title of series of objects named “Trough Chairs” is bound to the same village of the same name from Podpoľanie region, where the more than 50 years old trough comes from. Originally it served in bloody rituals of slaughters that occurred each year. In the beginning there was the story of a small pig, being carefully fed, so that every time it comes up, it would feed us.



Terézia Rapčanová was the youngest talent onboard. Her friends call her “Terez” (and we started to do so!). After attending high school focused on furniture production, Terez was studying product design in Zlín, right now she attends industrial design course at the AFAD Bratislava. She wanted to participate in the workshop “to meet people and get new experience”.