Pass it on
is a tribute to
who changed
their era.


Latest collection of evocative jewellery tells stories of inspiring personalities of Slovakia by young talents to watch.

The collection “Pass it on” outlines historical timeline of Slovakia through evocative objects, telling stories of both bygone and today’s outstanding personalities, who contributed to changing their era.

Young designers, architects and jewellery makers pay tribute to outstanding characters of Slovakia. The objects represent achievements and tell life stories of pioneers from diverse fields ranging from art, architecture, politics or music to sports.

The collection puts together selected fragments of Slovak history, since the year 820 till nowadays. You will learn that a Slovak can become the king of Madagaskar, or invent a parachute, discover a comet or get nominated for Nobel Prize for literature.





Personal stories that light up any environment or situation.

Exhibition system of the Pass it on collection consists of lightweight wireframe displays of 4 sizes. Each box has integrated LED lighting in the top part. Foldable and collapsible construction allows easy transportation and layout modulartity.

In order to get more technical details about transportation, space requirements or collection’s availability, feel free to contact us.


project authors _ Lars Kemper, Peter Olah
main workshop lector _ Dana Tomečková
invited experts _ Hany Kašičková, Karol Weisslechner

featured designers _ Petra Debnárová , Andrea Ďurianová, Jozef E. Masarik, Vanda Gábrišová, Silvia Gálová, Filip Horník, Patrik Knoblich, Mária Kobelová, Beata H. Kuraj, Dominika Mačáková, Beáta Madajová, Veronika Očadlíková, Nikola Orgoňová, Barbora Rutová, Petra Šebová, Ľubomír Slovinský, Lucia Tomaschová, František Tóth

exhibition design _ Michala Lipková, Andrej Olah
product photography _ Adam Šakový
portrait photography _ Dana Tomečková
video _ Igor Smitka
graphic design _ Michala Lipková
text _ Katarína Trnovská