Pass it on

Successful exhibition platform comes back with 3rd travelling collection of contemporary jewellery. “Pass it on” tells stories of inspiring personalities of Slovakia by young talents to watch.

The collection “Pass it on” outlines historical timeline of Slovakia through evocative objects, telling stories of both bygone and today’s outstanding personalities, who contributed to changing their era. Young designers, architects and jewellery makers pay tribute to outstanding characters of Slovakia.

The objects represent achievements and tell life stories of pioneers from diverse fields ranging from art, architecture, politics or music to sports. The collection puts together selected fragments of Slovak history, since the year 820 till nowadays. You will learn that a Slovak can become the king of Madagaskar, or invent a parachute, discover a comet or get nominated for Nobel Prize for literature.


Pass it on Tour 2016

Featured Designers

Petra Debnárová, Andrea Ďurianová, Jozef Eduard Masarik, Vanda Gábrišová, Silvia Gálová, Filip Horník, Patrik Knoblich, Mária Kobelová, Beata H. Kuraj, Dominika Mačáková, Beáta Madajová, Veronika Očadlíková, Nikola Orgoňová, Barbora Rutová, Petra Šebová, Ľubomír Slovinský, Lucia Tomaschová, František Tóth

Petra Debnárová
The mind sings

Andrea Ďurianová
By Vilhan’s Design

Vanda Gábrišová

Silvia Gálová
Water Pump

Filip Horník
The Parachute

Patrik Knoblich
Traces in Ice

Mária Kobelová
World of Dreams

Dominika Mačáková
My Jewels

Beáta Madajová
Badges of Honour

Jozef E. Masarik
The Armour

Veronika Očadlíková
Touch of Words

Nikola Orgoňová
The Sounds

Barbora Rutová
Falling Star

Petra Šebová
Carduus Textorisianus

Ľubomír Slovinský
Charm of Underground

Lucia Tomaschová
The Untouchable

František Tóth
Golden Yarn